Online european roulette game is a great option for many players


Online european roulette game provides the best gaming conditions

The classic roulette, in English and French whose name is spelled “roulette” and translates as “little wheel”, is one of the most popular gambling games and is considered the “queen of the casino”.

There are several types of this exciting collective game:

American (with two zeros on the wheel) and European (with one zero), as well as a fairly common variety of the latter – French roulette. The meaning and purpose, objectives and basic rules of all these species are the same. They differ in rates, game wheel, the location of external fields, the size of the table and its design. The European roulette gives the highest chances to win for players: the casino advantage in it is 2.73% (in European) and 1.36% (in French), that is, out of every $ 100 wagered the player will lose $ 2.73 or $ 1 respectively. 36, as opposed to $ 5.26 in the US.

How to play it and have a high chance of winning

It is for this reason that gambling establishments rarely offer guests to try their luck at roulette with one “zero”. European roulette: features and rules of the game This type of entertainment appeared in the 18th century. It immediately became popular in aristocratic circles and still attracts those wishing to try their luck with an infinite number of bets, combinations and draw options, as well as good chances to beat the casino.

However, today in the world there are not many places where you can play European roulette in real life. If you appreciate the refined and luxurious atmosphere, the high level of service and the courtesy of the staff, miss the excitement, dream of a pleasant and exciting time, then go play in the casino. Roulette, which is better to play in large legal casinos, excites blood, beckons with simple rules and the ability to easily win large sums even without applying strategies.

Rules Roulette Games

The goal of the game is to guess the position of the ball and place bets on the field corresponding to the selected sector of the wheel. The “zero” sector means winning a casino. The table is a roulette and a field, with types of possible bets and a table made on it from the same numbers as on the roulette wheel. When bets are placed, the croupier spins the wheel and launches the ball. Touching and in any way acting on the spinning wheel and ball is strictly prohibited.

European Roulette is a classic variation of this gambling game, also known as “one-roulette roulette”. Its feature is a game wheel for 37 numbers (from 0 to 36), which form rows (3 numbers each) and columns (12 numbers each). All numbers are placed in a chaotic order and are divided equally into alternating black and red, sector “0” is highlighted in green.

Roulette winning strategies

Learning to play European roulette is easy. The main task is to understand the payout ratios and the existing variety of bets, the number of which is more than a dozen. Despite the seeming complexity and complexity of the betting system, newcomers also need a few games at the table in the casino to understand all the basic principles. Bets can be placed on a specific number, on a combination, on red / black, on even / odd, small / large, on a column, on a dozen.

The most understandable training option is to divide bets into two types: internal – put the chip on one number, or simultaneously on several numbers, in case of winning, the payout ratio is 2: 1; external – bets with high chances of winning, but low payout ratio (1: 1), with them the chip is placed outside the number field. The more varieties of bets you learn, the more exciting and convenient the game will become. For leisurely and not too gambling casino visitors, European types of roulette provide an excellent opportunity to stay in the game longer.

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