European roulette play free even without money just for fun


European roulette play free: learn more about that game

Someone who wants to play free European roulette should understand its main features and rules, which are important to follow. The thing is that roulette, as a phenomenon, appeared many centuries ago. No one knows when and who invented it for sure. Anyway, roulette became a classic game and today it’s European model is pretty popular too. Learn more about it and enjoy the process.

How to play free European roulette

European has some interesting differences from the American one. It has classic rules with some assumptions which appeared because of the cultural features. As it spread all over the world, roulette turned into some separated variations. Even in Europe, it is possible to find some interesting interpretations, but all of them were mixed into one specification by continent. So, here are the main European roulette rules and wagering requirements:

  • Roulette has 37 sectors. 36 by numbers (from 1 till 36) and one zero. All of them are random.
  • There are 3 main sectors: zero neighbors, orphans and third.
  • Gamblers have their table to put chips – their bets. The main point is to guess which number roulette will show. The one who guesses is a winner.
  • It is possible to bet during the roulette spinning.
  • Croupier notifies gamblers when all bets are done and there is no more place for another one.
  • The ball is spinning in a mirror direction from roulette.
  • With the help of the ball’s position croupier unveils the number to win.

Payments start from the most dangerous and risky combinations and last till every gambler is rewarded. In American roulette everything is vice versa.

European Roulette Rules

There are no limits for spins for a single gambler. The game could go on till the casino closes the doors. In web version croupier always notifies about features and some rules changes, in case if this casino offers them.

Strategies for European roulette

Every single gambler creates their special strategy which could be a reflection of their real skills and character features. It is impossible to use one that was invented by professional gamer, just because of differences. The thing is that the best way to win something is to make a kind of compilation of the knowledge and techniques you ever found. Here are some pieces of advice:

  • Try all the strategies in the demo.
  • Note results. It would be nice to visualize the effects to understand which way is the best for you.
  • Pay attention to the real game tournament. Professional gamblers – source of ideas. Game is their way to earn money (as a salary).

So, European roulette has some interesting features and differences that make this genre special. Before gambling, learn more about a certain machine to earn more.

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