European roulette free online: getting ready for the game


European roulette free online is a fast and dynamic game. You can place bets both before the ball is launched and during its torsion along the wheel groove. Bets cease to be taken in about three circles, as the ball will fall.

In real casinos, a gaming table can serve only one croupier. Croupier spins the ball, helps players make bets, indicates the winning number, takes chips and gives out winnings.

How to play european roulette free online

The gameplay in American roulette takes place in accordance with fairly simple rules. To make a bet, the player can use the chips present on the field. Before making a bet, you need to replenish your deposit account.

All of them have different denominations, which makes it possible to make a bet more variable. The player can bet on any number of cells. At the same time, the chips can also be very different. A participant can bet a certain amount not only on a certain number, but also on their whole group. When calculating the winnings, the risk factor is taken into account. This means that the more positions entered in the bet, the less risk and less reward.

Accordingly, if a player bets on one number and is lucky to win, his bet will be beaten off in the most advantageous way. After the roulette wheel allowed the fate of the bet, the player can repeat the last bet or change his mind and take risks on other cells.

Rules of european roulette free online

European roulette free online is conducted according to the following rules:

  • There are 37 numbers on the drum, numbered from 0 to 36.
  • The number is paid in the ratio of 35 to 1.
  • The inscriptions for bets on the game cloth are written in English.
  • The betting field is not symmetrical.
  • Wagering requirements: they can be fied and oral.

Strategies of european roulette free online

Want to play european roulette online free and win? Then use this strategies!

  1. The Martingale system is the most common and popular. Players position it as the most stable and proven, its meaning is to double the bet until it wins. In case of a win, we return to the first bet.
  2. European Roulette Strategy The Chart system is very complicated – it is based on mathematical calculations, graphing and taken from the principle of trading exchanges. The bottom line is two columns are drawn, in one the abscissa values will be recorded, in the second – the ordinates. In the first column, the number of completed moves will be displayed, in the second – the average measurement of the value over the last 10 ordinate values. The second column of ordinates is filled only after 10 moves. If the result is positive in the context of the columns, the game can be continued. If negative, you need to refuse.
  3. The tactics of the game “4 leaders.” According to this strategy, a player must identify four sectors that most often fall on the wheel based on the results of 40 game launches. It’s not so simple – during the observation you need to track 4 often repeated numbers, one of which we will put in the future.

We hope this material will help you become a winner of free european roulette online, american and other varieties of this game.

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