How Is Acne Formed?

For a majority of the population in this planet, they have dealt with acne and its effects one time or another in their lives. This is the main reason why the acne treatment industry is a very big industry because of the many people who are looking for acne treatments.

Regardless of a person’s sex, race and nationality, they will get acne. But how is acne really formed?

Well, for those who wish to know, here is a simple outline on how acne happens to people.

Determining factors.

There are three determining factors that determine the development of acne in a person’s face. These three determining factors are sebum generation, the pores of the skin and the dirt and other agents that clog the pores.

When these three factors are present, then there is a very big chance that acne will happen. In fact, there are many treatment options that are designed to eliminate one of these factors and them eliminate acne altogether.

People who are afraid of getting acne should avoid excessive sebum generation as well as clogging agents.

The formation of acne

Acne is formed when the pores have excessive sebum and a lot clogging agents are present right outside the pores. What happens here is that if dirt covers the pores and mixes with the sebum, it will effectively clog up the pores.

Once the pores are clogged, the generated sebum will not have any avenue to go to. This will result to pimples being formed. If the conditions are right, the pimples will be very red and very big.

Why are teenagers susceptible to acne?

Many people wonder why acne is predominantly present in teenagers. What they fail to realize is the fact that teenagers generate a lot of sebum because of their unique body chemistry.

This is why the rapid generation of sebum coupled with clogging agents will really make teenagers develop acne. Most people who are affected with acne during their teenage years really blame the excessive sebum generation that happens in their body.

Is there any hope?

For people who are wondering if there is anything that can be done with acne, they are in for a lot of good news. This is because there are many treatments available that can effectively deal with acne.

This includes astringents, special creams as well as special procedures that can effectively eliminate acne from their faces. This is why people should not lose hope if they get acne.

All they need is to have patience and perseverance in order to make sure that they stick with their treatments in order to ensure that they get the results that they want.

If people are really serious about taking care of their acne problems, then the first thing that they need to do is to talk to a dermatologist. Dermatologists are the best people to help them because of their expertise in dealing with all kinds of skin problems.

When they go to a dermatologist, they should follow everything the dermatologist says in order to guarantee that they get the results that they want.