Acne And Self Confidence

If there is one thing that teenagers can say about having acne, it is the fact that it makes them lose confidence in themselves. This skin condition that is characterized by an over production of pimples in the face happens to many teenagers all over the world.

In fact, there are many cultures that treat acne as a right of passage. In these cultures, having acne is not a big deal and teenagers are not affected by it. Unfortunately, in western cultures like the US, appearance is more important that rites of passages or growing up.

This is the main reason why teenagers in the US are really affected when they get acne.

Here are some of the reasons why a teenager’s self confidence is affected by acne.

Teenagers are superficial and are all about appearances

Teenagers care so much about the way that they look. They cannot help this. This is because teenagers have nothing else to offer the world except their youth and their youthful looks. They have no wisdom because they lack life experiences.

This means they are not sure on how to act and what to do for all kinds of situations. They also lack knowledge because they are still going to school because they lack knowledge and wisdom, they feel that their looks are their only asset.

This is why if a teenager gets acne, he or she feels that their world is now at an end. Acne makes them feel useless and they no longer want to interact with their peers.

Acne makes anyone look very ugly

Acne generates a lot of ugly looking pimples to manifest in the face. This is the main reason why teenagers are really affected by it because no matter how beautiful or handsome a person is, he or she will look ugly if they have acne.

Even the most beautiful movie star will look like a plain looking blue collar working if she has acne. This fact alone already makes any teenager anxious and sometimes depressed at the sight of just one pimple.

Having acne opens up teenagers to being teased

One of the major reasons why teenagers really hate having acne is the fact that they do not like being teased. Unfortunately, if they have acne, they are leaving themselves open to be teased by their peers.

One has to understand that teenagers can be cruel to their fellow teenagers. If they see a sign of weakness, they will immediately pounce on it. Because of this, teenagers protect themselves by making sure that their peers have no opening to tease them.

Having acne and the constant teasing can sometimes affect even the most confident and mature teenager.

Because of all these factors that affect a teenager having acne, it is highly recommended that they get acne treatment as soon as acne starts manifesting in their faces. Acne treatments are very effective when they are done early.

This is why regularly visiting a dermatologist is a big must for teenagers.