Stretch Mark And Pregnancy

Pregnant women have a lot of things to deal with. Not only do they have to make sure that they are properly caring for their baby, they also have to see to it that they keep up their appearance.

One has to understand that women are very vain when given a chance. This is why even when they are pregnant, they still want to make sure that they look good.

Unfortunately, pregnancy brings about many things to a woman’s body that makes her not look good. One of these things is called stretch marks.

How are stretch marks formed in pregnant women?

When a pregnant woman starts growing her baby bump, the skin in the belly will stretch out. When this happens, there are times when the skin is not able to stretch as fast as the baby bump grows.

The skin will get so overstretched that the connective tissue that grows under the skin breaks. Over time, a collagen like substance fills out the break. This in turn becomes the stretch mark. If the skin is stretched upwards, then the stretch mark will grow perpendicular to it.

In pregnant women, these stretch marks look like scars and it is the major reason why most people feel that stretch marks are ugly to look at. Most women say that stretch marks are one of the things that they do not like about being pregnant.

Are stretch marks a serious problem?

The only problem that stretch marks form is the fact that it does not look good. This means stretch marks are a vanity issue. It does not bring about any health issue at all.

This is the main reason why stretch marks are not really the subject of much serious medical research. The only people that care about stretch mark research are cosmetic companies who cater to the need of women to look good.

These companies invest a lot of resources in research and development of various products that can help deal with stretch marks.

How can stretch marks be avoided?

It is so easy to avoid stretch marks. All one needs to do is to make the skin elastic enough that no connective tissue will break when it is stretched too much.

One of the best ways to do this is to apply special moisturizing creams or oils in the belly of pregnant women as her baby bump grows. When the time comes, she will then be able to avoid having stretch marks.

Can stretch marks be treated?

Stretch mark’s can definitely be treated. There are many products like shea butter and stretch mark creams that effectively address the problem of having stretch marks.

Regular application is only needed to ensure that the stretch marks disappear over time. Aside from this, there are also laser therapy treatments that can effectively eliminate stretch marks after a pregnant woman finally gives birth.

Women who are really concerned about getting stretch marks during pregnancy should really talk with a doctor. This will ensure that they are able to pick the right treatment option that actually helps them deal with their problem effectively.